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Ooh, shiny! :)

I know, this place is slow-to-dead, but I'd love having more folk to talk to about my head!voices...

System Name: Seething Psychopack Labyrinth (just changed it, see note below)
Body Age: 29
Geographic Region: Minnesota, USA
Body Gender: Female
Body Sexuality: Bi
Number: 16
Origin: Mostly SoulBonds, two BodyBrothers, and three personas
Religion/Spirituality: Body/Hostess is a Gardnerian Wiccan, but we have all manner of beliefs in here.

Two of my personas have to do with my sexual interests. There's Mistress Angel, the Domme, and my sub!self... she was originally named Velvet, but my husband tends to call her Saffron.

The third is a manifestation of my Depression, and her name is Rose, after "The Sick Rose" by William Blake.

Now onto the SoulBonds... Format: "Name - Canon source - Comments." In order of age, oldest to youngest, just because.

Mircea Basarab - Karen Chance novels - Dracula's older brother, vampire Senator, first level master. He's more of a walk-in, available when I need someone that strong. Essentially non-religious.

Dorina Basarab - Karen Chance novels - Mircea's daughter, dhampir, mercenary. My only female 'Bond, devoted to her husband but will still kick your ass if you deserve it. Prone to blackouts and violent rages (part and parcel of being a dhampir), which are best controlled with Fae wine. Essentially non-religious.

Henry Fitzroy - Tanya Huff novels - Bastard son of King Henry VIII, the only one he acknowledged. Romance writer, vampire, Catholic. He still tries to pull Prince of Darkness/Prince of Man on me, even though I'm not "his." It's a little lulzy. He does own my flesh-and-blood husband though.

Louis-Cesare de Bourbon - Karen Chance novels - Dorina's husband, only progeny of her uncle Radu. Vampire duelist, first level master. He and Mircea are pretty much the only vampires not utterly repelled by Dorina. He loves her without reservation. He's a believer in Christ, but non-practicing.

Raven d'Morgan - insourced/original story - Vampire of the Ethereal Tribe, Priest of the Mhorrighain (blending Celtic Recon and Neo-Pagan practices), doting husband (to Belladonna) and father (to Magpie, a.k.a. Maggie). My "created" vampires deviate quite a bit from the norm. Reading over at pale_shadow will explain.

Bones Russell - Jeaniene Frost novels - Also known as Crispin to a select few. Vampire who hunts vampires ("Only he right nasty sort what really deserve it, faith.") with his wife Cat, who is herself a half-breed like Dorina. Picture Spike from Buffy, and you've basically got Bones. He accepts the "Cain was the original vampire" origin story without being specifically religious.

Gabriel Kroun* - P.N. Elrod novels - Former 30s mobster, vampire, recovering drug addict. He's currently teaching himself Tarot and has a strong interest in Sex Magick. He's also "husbond" to me and my fake!sisters ("It's Complicated," Facebook would say. We have a big inter-system polyamorous family structure). He doesn't know what he believes in regards to Deity, but he does believe in Magick and Reincarnation.

Adam Hauptman - Mercy Thompson novels - Werewolf, Alpha of the Columbia Basin pack, martial artist, public face of the wolves in the Tri-Cities, mated to Mercy. I'm connected to her too through their pack bonds, but she's not a 'Bond of mine. He practices meditation in connection with his martial arts but doesn't claim any specific religion.

William Hamleigh - "The Pillars of the Earth" TV mini-series (also book by Ken Follet, which I have not read) - From 12th century England. Vaguely nobility. Sexually sadistic, tries to come off that way otherwise, but this is suspected to be merely a defense mechanism. Mommy Complex resulting from incestuous abuse, manifests as a fear of strong women. Catholic, petrified of burning in Hell. Pretty little redhead.

H.M. Murdock* - "The A-Team" movie (2010) - Army Ranger (rank of Captain), pilot, "functioning lunatic." I call him Bunneh most of the time. My fake!sister 'Bonded to him first, but since he's crazy, he split into two, and Bunneh came here to me (Sissy and I refer to them as "the twins"). He's my second husbond, and damn near constant companion. Not complaining. Non-religious, but open-minded and willing to participate in some religious activities.

Darvish bin Jaffar - The Fire's Stone by Tanya Huff - Prince of Ischia, a kingdom in Cisali, but not heir to the throne. Married to Princess Chandra, Aaron, and my flesh-and-blood husband. He's a recovering alcoholic and sex-addict, and very much not comfortable with modern technology, so he's not around much.

*Note: Gabriel and Murdock are also married. We're what's called a Triad in polyamory terms. Told ya it was complicated :P

Is there anyone that does not wish to be identified? The BodyBrothers are very hesitant to be identified. However, I can explain what they are :P They are sort-of-SoulBonds with living, breathing counterparts in this physical reality. In specific, they're musicians, one can buy their CDs all sorts of places. I do not claim to have a psychic connection to them, but rather accept that they live in an alternate reality/timeline/universe/what-have-you.

Any other comments: I attract vampires and angst :P I also have a community where the 'Bonds can write if they so choose **SHAMELESS PLUG** spirit_move_me. And Murdock and Gabriel often so choose.

So that's us in a decent-sized nutshell *waves* Hi!

ETA: To me, the 80s movie "Labyrinth" is SoulBond-y, plus the lead female character and I have the same name. It seemed logical.


Feb. 21st, 2011 04:22 am (UTC)
It really isn't. I know two people personally who've had them, and there used to be a comm here on LJ for it too.


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