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I know this place is dead but I wanted to say hello anyways.
My name is Optimus Prime and I am a primarily G1 Transformer , with a little bit of G3 and 1980's movie verse. I do believe in a higher power / creator and us Transformers have "Sparks", which you humans consider as souls.
We like to slowly get to know people now and for the most part, open to people from anywhere.

-Optimus Prime

SoulBond? God-form?

Ever since my mother read me The Chronicles of Narnia as bedtime stories, I've adored Aslan. I wanted to be Lucy Pevensie. When I was 16 and officially joined my first training Grove (growing up with Wiccan parents has its perks, heh), Aslan came to me in a guided meditation, said I was His Lioness, and has been with me ever since. He only communicates through meditation, however.

I waffle on whether He's a SoulBond, or the way the God (mostly Sun God aspect, some Dying God too though, for obvious reasons) chose to present Himself to me. Or both possibly. Thoughts?

Vernal Equinox/ Summerfinding/ Ostara

Spring is coming up on Sunday! (For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) How does your system celebrate spring? And how does being multiple effect that or not?

~Aurora Collective

Ooh, shiny! :)

I know, this place is slow-to-dead, but I'd love having more folk to talk to about my head!voices...

System Name: Seething Psychopack Labyrinth (just changed it, see note below)
Body Age: 29
Geographic Region: Minnesota, USA
Body Gender: Female
Body Sexuality: Bi
Number: 16
Origin: Mostly SoulBonds, two BodyBrothers, and three personas
Religion/Spirituality: Body/Hostess is a Gardnerian Wiccan, but we have all manner of beliefs in here.

Information about each of youCollapse )

Is there anyone that does not wish to be identified? The BodyBrothers are very hesitant to be identified. However, I can explain what they are :P They are sort-of-SoulBonds with living, breathing counterparts in this physical reality. In specific, they're musicians, one can buy their CDs all sorts of places. I do not claim to have a psychic connection to them, but rather accept that they live in an alternate reality/timeline/universe/what-have-you.

Any other comments: I attract vampires and angst :P I also have a community where the 'Bonds can write if they so choose **SHAMELESS PLUG** spirit_move_me. And Murdock and Gabriel often so choose.

So that's us in a decent-sized nutshell *waves* Hi!

ETA: To me, the 80s movie "Labyrinth" is SoulBond-y, plus the lead female character and I have the same name. It seemed logical.


System Name: Fayanora
Body Age: 27
Geographic Region: Oregon, Northwestern USA
Body Sex: MTF transgendered
Body Sexuality: Bi
Number: At least nine. There's 21 if you count the fact Shao'Kehn is, Herself, a multiple.
Origin: Complicated. Natural tendency toward multiplicity, some soul shattering from trauma (caused by peers, not family), the Prime Persona hiding away inside the mind for 10 years of hir childhood, trauma from coming back to reality, traumatic multiplicity awakening.
Religion/Spirituality: Eclectic as all fuck.

Information about each of you:
cut for lengthCollapse )

Is there anyone that does not wish to be identified: Not that we know of, but it is possible.

Any other comments: Nope.


System Name: solar
Body Age: too goddam old
Geographic Region: east coast
Body Gender: m
Body Sexuality: bi
Number: unkown
Origin: unkown
Religion/Spirituality: theistic Satanist

Information about each of you: in time

Is there anyone that does not wish to be identified? don't think so

Any other comments: Greetings!

New community

I was looking for a community for alters in opposite gender bodies, and I couldn't find one... so I started my own!  I really hope this community helps some alters feel less awkward being in body that they can not identify with gender-wise.  Please check out my new community!  [info]diverse_alters 

An Introduction

System Name: Chimera

Body Age: 21 for now.

Geographic Region: Arkansas

Body Gender: The body is female, but gender differsafter that.

Body Sexuality: We don’t really have a ‘body sexuality’ Earth Listener is asexual and Kardegray is straight male.

Number: 2 (that we know of but there is a possibility of it actually being 3)

Origin: Not fully sure, main working theory is that Earth Listener’s mind is naturally inclined to ’talking in multiple dialogue’ and that it was only a matter of time before at least one ’voice’ gained a personality and later individuality.

Religion/Spirituality: Earth Listener is an animistic neoshamanist (basically just an animist with practices and beliefs which can be labeled shamanic in nature) and Kardegray is an atheistic Satanist (no particular left-hand path just kind of a general outlook and philosophy that way).

Information about each of you: Earth Listener identifies as a wolf and a shark therian, is gender fluid, asexual, and a huge bookworm. Kardegray is an otherkin of some sort, is male, straight, a fan of movies, and loves alternative metal.

Any other comments: I don’t mind people adding me or adding back for people with similar interests. I’m the friendly sort, and actually I like reading/discussing/commenting things.

Springfield MO Pagan Examiner

I recently became an Examiner (http://www.examiner.com) under the title of Springfield Pagan Examiner under the Springfield Missouri area.
I thought this might benefit members in this area, because I will be posting articles about local events that may not be able to reach enough interest. So I'm just doing my part.

I do have four articles up already (subscribing is the easiest way to see all articles as they come out so you can stay on top of current events!) so please feel free to look!





I will be posting this where ever I can. So you might see it twice. Sorry if you do!

Stay tuned in to my page for new updates and new events!
I'm going to post some questions as previously mentioned in this post.

1) Taken fromthegathered : "For systems with more than one religious point of view (example, Christians and Neo-Pagans under the same roof), what conflicts arise and how are they resolved. Also, how do those people view each others' faiths? Is it mutual respect or the kind of mudslinging you see in other public forums?"

2) Taken from tiel_firas : "[Do] people practice their inworld faiths at the front, and how? Has anyone discovered spiritual practices out here and taken them inworld?"

Another post asking for people to describe separate intersystem faiths will come next.