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System Name: House Hesson
Body Age: 28
Geographic Region: American Midwest
Body Gender: Body sex is female. Gender varies depending on who's front. We have male, female, genderfluid, and agendered system members.
Body Sexuality: Our range of orientations goes from asexual to "I don't care what parts they've got as long as I get my kink" so I'm reluctant to hazard any label for body-wide orientation.
Number: 15 known whole people, with the possibility of more lurking under the surface, and I for one know I have more parts that have fragmented off and are under the surface.
Origin: Mostly natural, with some walk-ins and an introject (which term we like more than "soulbond"). I personally trauma split but then the conscious parts re-integrated and here I am again.
Co-Conciousness: We have complete shared memory. Most often, though, only one of us is conscious at a time.
Religion/Spirituality: All those of us who have come to any conclusions about the subject are emanationist in philosophy. Most of those who claim a religion are Northern Tradition Pagan (Val, Cai, Rhun, Svanni, Shainin, Aspen, S'aryn, and Solundat). We also have one Zen Buddhist (Shang).

Information about Each: We have individual introductions up on our LJ; look for the group intro post near the top for links.

Any other comments: We wouldn't mind some more LJ-friends who have similar interests and don't mind the amount of woo-woo inherent in our system. ^_^


Wowza/ What do you see this group as?

I can't honestly say I expected the group to take off so quickly. I thank everyone for their introductory posts. I will attempt to say thank you to each but we shall see. Perhaps people could just comment to answer a few questions.

Why did you join this group?

Is there anything you'd like to suggest for the group to discuss?

Any other comments?


'cause I can

New community = INTROSPAM. I bet mine isn't the only friends list hurting right now :O

System Name: Allati
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One thing to keep in mind as you read this is that the Empire is a very Pagan society, and that we absorbed our monotheists and tamed them. I happen to be one of those monotheists, but in the pagan context, you've got quite a few disaffected types that think the Pagans are relatively attractive. Cut for information overloadCollapse )
This was done at the request of DeliriumFae. And due to the amount of information overload, it's behind a cut.


System Name: Rose
Body Age: 20
Geographic Region: Washington State, USA
Body Gender: Female
Body Sexuality: Whatever Catches Our Interest/Pansexual
Number of parts: 9
Origin: Soulbonds, Splits, Other Stuff We're Not Sure Of.
Co-Consciousness: Mostly co-conscious, with moments of secrecy. Anything important In-Body/Front covered under our Relevant Memory Disclosure contract...
Religion/Spirituality: Wicca Pagan, mostly.
Information about each Part: Cut for lengthCollapse )
Any other comments:
We were raised Wicca Pagan, in a tiny conservative town in Wahington state. We have had holy water thrown on us more times than we can count, and that was while pretending to be singlet, no less! Can't wait to see what this comm. has to offer... Now, as Rory and I have to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for class in seven and a half hours... And can't even remember where said class is being held...


~Ryan, of Rose.

System Name:  Persona System (Not because we consider ourselves personas, but because that was what we were for a long time.)
Body Age: 20
Geographic Region: North DFW, TX
Body Gender: Female (most of us are male, so this causes some problems)
Body Sexuality: Pansexual
Number: Uh... About... 16 plus a few?
Origin: Natural trauma-based? All from fictive sources. Started as soulbonds, the "host" disappeared and we became median, and then recently re-split into our separate selves.
Religion/Spirituality: Mostly atheistic and various forms of "local" Pagan beliefs. We do have a Catholic as well (the owner of this particular journal).

Information about each Part:
(Behind the cut for length.)Collapse )Are there any parts that do not wish to be identified?
No, not at all. To be honest we're all a bit leery of openly stating our identities here on LJ. We normally use psuedonyms for that reason. Those people that I glossed over in the introductions... Well, if anyone wants to talk to them, feel free, but they aren't interested in this particular community. :3

Any other comments: We've had our fair share of run-ins with Pagans who were really... hmm... jerks. I hope this community turns out to be a place free from that kind of wank, where we feel safe and comfortable dicussing both the abstract and concrete aspects of our personal faiths. Also, to those we haven't met, it's a pleasure to meet you. And to those we have met, great to see you here. :3

-Sephiroth (Winter)

Chaos Magick Quotes

From Liber Kaos by Peter J. Carroll.


"I believe that there are many selves within us; that we are all cases of multiple personality-- though generally unaffected with the amnesia which is the hallmark of the clinical manifestations of this condition. Sanity is a state in which our component selves love and trust each other and are prepared to let each other assume control as circumstances demand it. If a particular self [...] begins to seriously encroach on the functions of the other selves, it is a sign that something is going wrong; the basic self-love that binds the selves together is breaking down and demons will arise as a result. A demon is a god acting out of turn."


"Liber Boomerang

A god ignored is a demon born.

Think you to hypertrophy some selves at the expense of others?

That which is denied gains power, and seeks strange and unexpected forms of manifestation.

Deny death and other forms of suicide will arise.

Deny sex and bizarre forms of its expression will torment you.

Deny love and absurd sentimentalities will disable you.

Deny aggression only to stare eventually at the bloody knife in your shaking hand.

Deny honest fear and desire only to create senseless neuroticism and avarice.

Deny magic only to become a confused robot, inexplicable even unto yourself."

From Psybermagick by Peter J. Carroll

Chapter 3 - Ourselfs


Some philosophers and psychologists bemoan the disintegration or fragmentation of the self in the contempory world.

We celebrate this development.

The belief in a single self stems from religious monotheisms having only a single god. Let us throw out the baby with the bathwater.

If you consider yourself an ‘individual’, in the sense of ‘indivisible’, you have not lived.

If you merely consider yourself as a single being capable of playing various roles, then you have yet to play them in extremis.

The selfs must allow each self a shot at its goals in life, if you wish to achieve any sense of fulfilment and remain sane.

Commentary 3

The authors apologize in advance for any irritation and confusion caused by the use of standard Chaotic grammar which avoids all concepts of ‘being’, and uses ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, in recognition of the legionary nature of their personal multimind.

If you still do not accept the principle of multiple selfs then consider why humans spend so much time at the temples of Venus, Luna, Bacchus and Mars, try to escape from their workaday Solar I selfs, in pursuit of love, sex, intoxication and violent entertainment.

Polytheistic Psychology

Anyone else heard of Polytheistic Psychology? This makes us jump in excitement.

"James Hillman, of course, is an outspoken proponent of what he calls polytheistic psychology. "Of all the moves," he writes, "none is so far-reaching in cultural implication as the attempt to recover the perspectives of polytheism" (Hillman, 1983a, p. 41). He equates the classical Jungian focus on the self to a species of monotheism. "The preference for self and monotheism," he says, "strikes to the heart of a psychology which stresses the plurality of the archetypes" (Hillman, 1971/2000, p. 21). Instead, he says, "[t]he plurality of archetypal forms reflects the pagan level of things and what might be called a polytheistic psychology. It provides for many varieties of consciousness, styles of existence, and ways of soul-making" (Hillman, 1970/2000, p. 17). Hillman stands against "the strong ego, the suppressive integration of personality, and the unified independence of will" when they are at the expense of ambivalence, partial drives, complexes, images, vicissitudes. "A polytheistic model of the psyche," he says, "seems logical and helpful when confronting the many voices and figments that pop up in any single patient, including myself. I can't even imagine how we could ever have got on in therapy without a polytheistic background" (Hillman, 1971/2000, p. 49). And Hillman says, provocatively, "Multiple personality is humanity in its natural condition. In other cultures these multiple personalities have names, locations, energies, functions, voices, angel and animal forms, and even theoretical formulations as different kinds of soul" (Hillman, 1983a, p. 62; emphasis added)."

from: http://www.wildernessdrum.com/html/imaginal06.html

Group Intro


I created this group as I realized that I know quite a number of people with some form of multiplicity. Some see it as a disorder in terms of Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder, while others take a much different approach. Some see themselves as simply having multiple parts of the same whole, different alters or personas, while others even see it as multiple souls or people inhabiting the same body creating an inner house or family.

I've also noticed that these people need some way of looking at themselves and using different techniques to establish a healthy well-being. Most of these people I find go to spirituality in order to find that peace. Primarily Pagan spiritualities and religions tend to work well for this as we see the multiplicity of the Gods reflected in the multiplicity of ourselves.

This is group is for those people I described. This is an online nexus for us to ask questions, give stories, get answers and, share in knowledge of both multiplicity and Paganism and how they can interact.